You will get to know the most important sales strategies

Seminar Outline

Subject Program:

Finding the right arguments
You will get to know the most important sales strategies and find out how to achieve greater price stability in your business.

  • "You are too expensive" – The essential arguments to counter this statement. Convincing your customer to accept your offer after all.
  • The Hell Technique helps your sellers to argue convincingly during price negotiations by dramatic demonstrations of advantages.
  • Developing awareness of product value: Getting your sellers to no longer dread discount negotiations.

How to close the deal
The security with which your sellers close a deal will become even more crucial for success in future. The demands made by our customers on our offers and on ourselves, increase every day. The style of selling, being aware of buying signals, the seller’s ability to concentrate, the art of sensing what the customer wants and making positive future projections characterise really professional sellers today. You will find out how to pass on to your sales team the most important methods of closing a sale and how to ensure their consistent application.