Making deals at excellent prices

Christian Kober

Christian Kober, graduate of the Communications Academy Hamburg (Kommunikationswirt, KAH) is a trainer and author in demand internationally on account of his unique POTENTIAL Price Negotiation System. His seminars have been attended by thousands of owners or staff of well-known companies. Positive reports on his system have been shown on television and in numerous print media publications. Kober is considered to be a specialist for demanding negotiations with clients. He has been admitted to the Top-group of best trainers of the German-speaking countries.

For over 20 years now, Christian Kober, the manager of cfm in Kressberg, has been an expert on making deals at stable prices. His idea is not just some boring theory. What he has to offer is a sound approach ensuring stable prices and better sales, gathered from his own experience as a salesman. Mr. Kober is meanwhile in demand for giving talks and training sales staff, and he has written books as well.